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Hey guys, its getting housi! Check out my new "Wintergarten Mix" over at Soundcloud, containing tracks from Dusky, Detroit Swindle, Midland, Ian Pooley, Leon Vynehall, Midland, Densa & Pika, What So Not & Scntst, Outboxx, Olaf Stuut & Dauwd, Kid Culture, Frits Wentink and more. Hope you like it!

Hey Guys, if you like electronical music feel free to hit me up at for some neat Mixes & Beats. Looking forward to see you there! 

Regards, Phil.
Hey there, if you like deep and relaxed music, feel free
to check out this housi set…

Hope you like it. Take care!
check in for some 2step, uk funky, dub & techno vibes. enjoy the first sunstrokes!……
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  • Listening to: George Fitzgerald - Fernweh hope you like it.
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: George Fitzgerald - Fernweh
Hey guys, anyone alive? I've got one question: Someone can send me a Invite Token for Spotify Free? In Germany Spotify did not launched yet, but with an invite you can use it, when you fool around with some proxysettings. Would be pretty neat!

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hey guys,
please take a look at my new .jpg-diary
i started on colorbunch to shake of the rust of the last years.
there will be published new stuff bit by bit whenever i've got enough time to open photoshop,
and i hope some of you will like what they see.

take care, phil
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  • Mood: Optimism…

what a harsh guy.
i do not wanna say that its a 100% rip, but seriously: a blind man could see that its huge inspired by one of my works. this wouldn't be a big deal, but is it that hard to write some small words, or a little thanks, set a backlink or something like this? i mean, we're living in a modern world, we're using the wonderful CC-licence, try to figure out a new copyright thats more up2date and stuff ... but guys like this are the best exmample why its so hard to get things like this done. thats kinda sad.

this is just a small example, but i'm seeing stuff like this more and more these days on platforms like dA. i guess these days a lot of guys create with the wrong intension,
what a shame.

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hey guys,
i'm in search of a guy whos good in css & wordpress for my dj project called "super abenteuer boy". would be awesome if somebody could help me out with the design, i own the basics - but not more :(

hope to hear you
regards, phil <3
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Download here:…
A bit old, but before its totaly outdated i thought i simply upload it. There will be a exclusiv Mix for soon, when i got some more freetime again. Hope you like it.

The Germans also can check this Page,
there are some more infos:…
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nice to see some old buddys around!
realy enjoy this. dA is a lovely place.
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feel free to check out the new Super Abenteuer Boy</b> Mini Mix.
you can listen to it here:


hope you like it.
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blog is online now:
and i also did a few updates again.

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hey guys, updated my online portfolio Colorbunch,
hope you like it!
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check it :) cool music site
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New year - new face! So lets say a hearty "Hello" to the new, fresh! Enjoy it! many thanks to my good friend chris, and a happy new year to all of you :)

greetz, phil <3
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recnetly i created a flickr account, so i wanne ask ya if you also use flickr?
if yes feel free to add me or post your account :)

here you can find me:…
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"The collective has today published its 32nd themed release, entitled 'TEMPLE'. This pack features a small selection of high quality imagery and audio creatively interpreting the myriad concepts associated with 'TEMPLE', including nature, spirituality, humanity and theology. This theme has elicited one of the most powerful artistic responses from our members to date, resulting in some truly outstanding work that does more than push boundaries and raise standards; some pieces go so far as to redefine the possibilities of digital art as a medium.

It is fitting that such an unusual and eclectic collection of work should feature a superlative artist like Cristiano Siqueira as its spotlight member. A long serving member of our collective, Cris has been long deserving of the featured artist title; he offers substantial introspective and candour in the customary interview that accompanies his wonderful visual contributions to this pack.

On a personal note, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this release; as will be immediately obvious, our artists and illustrators have produced a transcendent collection of work that is truly deserving of the superlatives packed into this news release. I'd also like to congratulate the music department for mixing up a diverse and sophisticated soundtrack that is an essential part of the 'TEMPLE' experience – make sure you don't miss out on their audio stylings!

On behalf of the collective I cordially invite you to enjoy 'TEMPLE', and wish you a safe and happy holiday season!"
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